Web Design and Development

A website is a like an employee that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your business.  For a pennies on the dollar every day, we’re providing you with the ‘super employee’ that will capture millions of potential visitors to your site everyday.

Our team at Cali Design has put together a cumulative package that includes everything you need to get your business off the ground and into the Internet cloud.  We sat down for months to determine exactly what it was that makes businesses successful on the internet today.  Each component was noted, included in the Cali Design package, and listed as follows:

Cali Design will register and keep the domain active for the lifetime of your active account.  We will also automatically renew your domain name every year for your peace of mind.


You receive 10 e-mail addresses for your employees.  Now you can use when corresponding with customers or business partners.  E-mail can be accessed in Outlook, Eudora, or using our WebMail interface.  We offer premium spam solutions and 100mb per e-mail account.

Customized Theme

Our standard package includes a website with a customized theme that we select for your business.  We use WordPress  (with the Genesis framework) for content management and rock solid SEO.  Your monthly fee includes unlimited security updates and tech support ticket responses as long as you keep your account.

Content Management

All text content on your website can be added or edited by you.  If you have used Microsoft Word, then you will be familiar with the interface to update your content.  If you do not feel comfortable updating your content, we can update anything you’d like for a small fee.  Contact us for more information.

Fast, Competent Support

We answer all of our technical requests within 24 hours.  But more realistically, problems are typically solved within the same hour the request is received. Need to speak with a technical support specialist?  Leave us your phone number, and we will call you to solve the problem. Don’t like talking on the phone?  We offer Live Help in a chat-based format from 9AM-5PM Monday through Friday!

Lightning Fast Website Load Times, a billion dollar company, found out that with every 100 milliseconds of website load delay, there was a 1% decline in revenue from their website.  At Cali Design, we’ve completely optimize all of our themes and sites to load as quickly as possible.  We’re using the latest industry standard software to make sure your customers are obtaining your content quickly and consistently.

Mobile Website

A mobile version of your website is included in our package.  This means that your site will load in a friendly format on an iPhone, Android Device, and Blackberry.  Mobile devices have become a critical medium of delivering content, and we believe that all of our customers should be capturing this traffic.

Nightly Backups

Disasters can happen, and we’re prepared at Cali Design.  We back up your entire site, databases, e-mails, and content.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, more commonly referred to as SEO, is no myth.  Over 90% of people on this planet are using search engines to find information on the web.  Our Genesis framework ensures your content is indexed properly in the most popular search engines.

Content development and placement

Just because you’re putting words on a website does not mean that it has any relevancy for your market.  We do all of the research for you, and we create all of the content for your website based on your customer profile that you submit to us.  All of our content is created specifically to target keywords that bring your website to the top of search engines.  We make sure that when someone is looking for your products and services, your site is clearly visible in the search results.

Google business registration

Google indexes all businesses, similarly to your local Yellow Pages, using a separate process to enable local customers to more easily find your services.  Cali Design makes sure that your business is indexed and listed appropriately in Google.  This is not only useful for people looking for your business on a computer, but it will also place your business address in most GPS enabled devices when customers are on the move.

Social Media

Social media has become the largest entity on the web.  Twitter and Facebook are currently the most trafficked websites on the internet.  No longer is a question of a whether or not to use social media for your business—it’s now how soon can you start using social media.  Cali Design creates a professional branded Facebook and Twitter account that integrates seamlessly into your website.  This brings your business to the forefront of over 200,000,000 potential customers.